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Even through the new legal status, the initiatives and the activities of the Institute are aimed mainly at the research and the spreading in the field of Papyrology, according to the goals pointed out in its Statute, and they remain linked to the original will of the founders of the “Società Italiana”, starting point of the Institute itself:

  • Publishing papyrus material and the finds property of the Centre.
  • Fostering the study of the papyri and of the other documentary material coming from the East Mediterranean area, as well as the related book and archive techniques, even through the organisation of and the participation to congresses, conventions, seminars, study meetings.
  • Creating research groups inside public or private institutions in Italy and abroad, in order to carry out its research programmes.

Today these goals are pursued through the publishing activities of the Institute, made up essentially of the publication of papyri in the series of the PSI (PSI XV and XVI), but also of the collection entitled Studi e Testi di Papirologia, Nuova Serie, that has already reached the 10th volume, and of the Comunicazioni dell’Istituto Papirologico «G. Vitelli», arrived at the 7th volume.

The Institute plays also a leading role in the organisation of conventions and congresses, as well as in the creation of study groups, an activity that today is realized most of all in the coordination of the project for the Commentaria et Lexica Graeca in Papyris reperta (CLGP), of which two volumes have already been published by the Publishing House Saur (now de Gruyter).

  • Finding, preserving, restoring and studying the papyrus material and other finds that present similar scientific problems, also through the organisation of excavation campaigns in Egypt and in nearby areas, and the managing of museum finds.

Today the archaeological activity of the Institute is still entrusted to the excavation in Egypt at the site of Antinoopolis, under the direction of Rosario Pintaudi. Strictly connected to this activity, it is worthwhile mentioning the creation of a new collection of studies and researches on the spot (Scavi e Materiali), of which the 1st volume is about to be published (Antinoupolis I), and the recent organisation in a museum of the archaeological material stored in the premises of the Institute, as a result of two excavation seasons held during the Sixties in Arsinoe and Antinoopolis.

  • Organising and taking care of a high specialized library open to all interested scholars and to the students of the Humanities faculty.

The library of the Institute is constantly updated so as to be one of the most complete in the world for this sector.

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